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Creating Environments that Revolutionize Aging

Senior residential communities come in all stripes, and all of them try to create an environment where residents have access to activities and care depending on their needs. How can you create an environment that allows seniors to live in their homes with the same benefits?  IoT and Telehealth  There’s a lot of buzz about […]

Why Caregivers are Considered Patient Advocates

Whether you care for a loved one in their home, or manage their care from a distance, you have probably found yourself responsible for advocating for your loved one’s needs. Perhaps you’ve been on the phone with insurance companies on behalf of a loved one with dementia, or expressed concerns to your loved one’s care […]

Cost Savings of Reducing Hospitalizations

Avoiding hospital visits saves patients, providers, and government aid programs a whole lot of money. More importantly, we shouldn’t lose sight of how avoiding hospitalization benefits the patient. No one wants to be transported to the emergency room if they can avoid it and stay at home instead, safe and healthy. What a Nursing Home […]

Prevent the Flu Among Aging Adults

The flu virus presents an annual risk to our population, especially among aging adults. Flu symptoms can quickly escalate into medical emergencies among those with compromised immune systems. This includes people with chronic illnesses, and it also includes aging adults whose bodies generally take longer to recover from illnesses. Flu Activity During 2017-2018 During the […]

Senior Health During the Holidays

As Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s approach, there are things you can do to help your senior loved ones stay healthy and happy during the holidays. Dietary Needs It can be difficult, and indeed seems cruel, to prohibit a person from enjoying their favorite holiday foods. For those with strict diets, try alternative recipes that […]

New Home Care Policies Passed By Senate

Home care policies recently passed by the U.S. Senate are intended to help families support aging loved ones at home, instead of having to move to an institutional setting. S.1028 – The RAISE Family Caregivers Act The RAISE Family Caregivers Act seeks to accomplish three goals: Require that a national strategy be developed by Congress to […]

What Caregivers Should Know About Senior Nutrition

Nutrition is a vital part of good health. For aging adults this is especially important, because great health helps you maintain an independent lifestyle and aids in the management of chronic illnesses. Here are 5 nutrition tips for seniors: 1. Nutritional needs change as you age. Eating a variety of foods can help make sure […]

Home Care for Seniors with Heart Disease

The right caregiver can make all the difference in the world when it comes to helping seniors manage heart disease. Here’s how a good caregiver can help: Lower stress level. Lowering stress is a great way to manage heart disease. Maintain a positive atmosphere. A home care provider can help make sure the home atmosphere for patients […]