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The Five Benefits of In-Home Care for Seniors

Every day in the United States nearly 10,000 seniors turn 65. While around 1 million Americans are currently living in senior communities, a majority of those entering their elder years are hoping to age comfortably in their own homes. For some, this may be difficult to do alone, especially if special care is required; however, […]

Helping Seniors Stay in the Comfort of Their Own Homes

Nearly 80% of elderly people suffer from a chronic disease with 68% suffering from two or more. Getting older isn’t always easy. For some people, care options are needed so they get the attention they need when it becomes too difficult to take care of themselves. It can be a frustrating and overwhelming time for […]

6 Tips to Help Choose the Best Home Care Services near You

The American population is gradually aging. To put it into perspective, the United States Census Bureau shows that at least 15% of Americans are 65 years and above. Over one million seniors are already placed in home care, with the number expected to double by 2030. As a primary caregiver, you may be overwhelmed with […]

Elderly Care: How to Cope With Caregiver Burnout

As the population ages, more primary caregivers continue to willing undertake tough, and at times unpleasant tasks for their loved ones. Care giving has its difficult moments. A study by the American Psychological Association found that 23% of caregivers in elderly care had higher levels of stress hormones than non-caregivers. Additionally, a 2018 survey by […]

5 Reasons You Should Consider Using In Home Care Services

A huge number of middle-aged Americans have to juggle the demanding schedule of work, taking care of their children, furthering their education, and caring for their elderly or ill loved ones. While it’s incredibly loyal and noble to help your loved ones at all costs, it’s important to remember that there’s only one of you. […]

How Can You Convince A Loved One to Hire a Caregiver?

One of the most difficult conversations you might have in your lifetime is trying to convince an elderly parent or loved one they need assistance from a caregiver. Whether it’s pride or fear of losing their independence, it’s normal to be met with resistance. Your loved one might suggest that they are fine or that […]

How Respite Care Keeps Families Healthy

Providing long-term care for a family member takes an emotional, physical, and economic toll on families. If you are the primary caregiver for an elderly parent or family member, you are more likely to suffer from exhaustion, sickness, stress, and depression. It is important to remember that you and your family’s health and well-being should be […]

Understanding ADL and Long-Term Care Insurance

Activities of daily living, or ADL, are often used by Long Term Insurance providers as a way of gauging whether or not an individual qualifies to receive benefits. Activities of Daily Living typically include: Eating Bathing Dressing Using the Restroom Transferring and Mobility Continence Typically, to qualify for the benefits associated with Long Term Care […]

Why Families Need To Hire Caregivers On Their Own Terms

Caregiving can be complicated for families. More than one family member often needs some level of ongoing care, and these needs change over time as health improves or declines. Often, the decision to hire a caregiver is made by multiple family members, all with different desires, schedules, budgets and terms under which they are willing […]