New Home Care Policies Passed By Senate

Home care policies recently passed by the U.S. Senate are intended to help families support aging loved ones at home, instead of having to move to an institutional setting.

S.1028 – The RAISE Family Caregivers Act

The RAISE Family Caregivers Act seeks to accomplish three goals:

  • Require that a national strategy be developed by Congress to implement recommendations from the federal Commission on Long-Term Care to support family caregivers
  • Establish an advisory board that joins agencies from the government and private/public sectors to make recommendations and provide advice
  • Identify ways that family caregivers can be supported and recognized by their communities, the government, health care providers and employers

S.870 – The CHRONIC Care Act

The CHRONIC Care Act seeks to improve management services and care coordination for chronic illnesses by:

  • Increasing access for Medicare patients with chronic illnesses to telehealth services
  • Creating incentives for patients receiving care through recognized care associations
  • Extending the Independence at Home demonstration project that works to keep the chronically ill in their homes
  • Reimbursing more social services and extending special needs plans for assessing chronically ill patients

Allowing family members with disabilities or illnesses to remain in their homes for as long as possible could lead to better outcomes for these individuals. In the mean time, agencies like A-Z Best Home Care help family caregivers by sending compassionate home care assistants to family homes.