How Can You Convince A Loved One to Hire a Caregiver?

One of the most difficult conversations you might have in your lifetime is trying to convince an elderly parent or loved one they need assistance from a caregiver. Whether it’s pride or fear of losing their independence, it’s normal to be met with resistance. Your loved one might suggest that they are fine or that you can help them, but you know outside help is needed. Here are five strategies that can help you convince a loved one to hire a caregiver.

  1. Early planning. Have conversations with your loved one about where they see themselves in the future. Do this long before a health crisis arises.
  2. Ask questions. Find out why your loved one is refusing help. It could be fear of losing their independence, the cost, or even having a stranger in their home. Respond with empathy and validate their feelings.
  3. Give options. Include your parent in the choosing of a caregiver and setting a daily schedule. Emphasize that having a caregiver coming to the home will provide them with some companionship.
  4. Ease into visits. An immediate change can make it difficult for your parent to accept having a caregiver. Gradually working the caregiver into their schedule by having a few short home visits at first with you present is a good way to ease into the new routine.
  5. Know your limits. It’s important to remember that you cannot always be at your parent’s side. If he or she is not endangering themselves or others, you may have to take a step back while they make their own choices. They might find out on their own quickly that they need the help of a caregiver.

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