Home Care as Preventative Care

When it comes to the health of your senior loved one, it’s important to be proactive. With this approach, home care can be effective preventative health care. Home care can prevent injury and mitigate complications from chronic illnesses, major recoveries, or a sedentary lifestyle. This could improve long-term outcomes and reduce costly doctor visits. Here are a few examples of home care as preventative health care:

Injury Prevention

A home care worker can help your senior loved one avoid falls and other injury risks. These types of accidents can cause long term complications in the health of your senior loved one. In seniors, injuries such as sprains or broken bones take much longer to heal and the effects are felt in a greater capacity.

Chronic Disease Management

A home care worker can help your senior loved one manage chronic diseases, such as diabetes. With appropriate management, these diseases are less likely to cause complications. Chronic diseases that are not properly managed can result in hospital stays and a deterioration of health. A home care worker can monitor medication and make sure a physician’s recommendations are followed.

Diet Management

Home care workers can help your senior loved one eat regularly with a balanced diet. Nutrition is important to overall health. It provides energy, aids in recovery, and helps to prevent illnesses.

Activity Management

Exercise and regular activity are vital to maintaining health. A home care worker can make sure that your senior loved one has an active lifestyle and isn’t sedentary. They can monitor exercises to make sure physician’s guidelines are followed.

A home care worker can take an active part in preventative health care and help your loved one maintain a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle. A-Z Best Home Care is prepared to help. Contact us today.