Help for Dementia Caregivers

A recent study by The National Alliance of Caregiving outlined the special circumstances experienced by caregivers of a loved one with dementia.

Here are some of the statistics about dementia caregivers:

  • 58% of dementia caregivers are women.
  • On average, dementia caregivers are about 6 years older than non-dementia caregivers.
  • The person receiving care is normally significantly older than other individuals who require a caregiver.
  • 40% of dementia care recipients do not live in their own home and 16% are in some form of care facility.
  • Dementia caregivers have more responsibility and have to provide assistance with a wider range of activities.
  • On average, dementia caregivers spend more time providing care than those providing non-dementia care.
  • 67% of dementia caregivers perform medical or nursing related tasks for their loved one. And more than half of those who are doing these tasks have had no prior medical or nursing training.
  • 69% of dementia caregivers have provided care for more than a year, and three in ten have provided care for more than five years.
  • Nearly half of dementia caregivers indicated providing dementia care was emotionally stressful. Three in ten indicated that dementia care was also physically straining for them.
  • Dementia caregivers health was lower than that of non-dementia caregivers
  • 35% or one in three dementia caregivers have indicated their health has declined as a result of their caregiving activities, compared to one in five non-dementia caregivers indicated a decline in health.
  • Four in ten dementia caregivers indicated they were the sole caregiver for their loved one with Dementia.

Dementia caregivers have a hard road to travel, but they don’t have to go it alone. A home care provider who has experience with dementia can help. A-Z Best Home Care provides affordable hourly services to help caregivers and their loved ones live more balanced, healthy, and safer lives in their homes.