Differences Between Home Care & Home Health

Home care and home health are related industries, but each provides a different set of services. Find out which type of in-home care works best for you and your family. If you’re not sure, feel free to call us for a free consultation at 1-800-648-8950.

Home health

Home health is typically provided by a professional with medical training, such as a registered nurse. Typically, doctors prescribe home health care after a hospitalization, change in health status or change in treatment for a chronic illness. Home health care includes therapy and skilled nursing services, medication services, medical testing, wound care and general monitoring of health status.

Since home health is clinically based care, it can be prescribed by a physician, making it eligible for coverage by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance policies.

Home care

Home care is a non-medical service provided by caregivers who have been trained in caring for seniors. Some specialize in caring for seniors with certain conditions, such as dementia or chronic pain. Caregivers help seniors with daily tasks and provide companionship, making it easier for seniors to maintain their quality of life by living at home.

Home care is typically used in situations where a senior might need transportation, help with daily tasks such as paying bills, grocery shopping, grooming and meal prep. Home care workers cannot dispense medications, but can give medication reminders. You might want home care if you are unable to help an aging relative as often as you’d like.

Insurance coverage for home care includes many long-term care policies.

Choose What’s Right for Your Family

Home care and home health services can be combined to provide seniors with maximum care to meet their individual needs. While home health meets the clinical needs of seniors, home care provides assistance with daily living. With A-Z Best Home Care, you customize home care services and choose a schedule that works for you.